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Benefits of having a professional home energy audit from a licensed insulation contractor.

Consider the following steps as guide:

• Recognize air moving in and out of your house will boost both cooling and heating bills.
• Search for openings inside your house that will provide air movement in and out. Don’t forget to look at visible places like around doors or windows.
• Always check for air movement. You can do this through placing a tissue of the end of a pencil or grasping a lighted incense stick near the suspect areas.
• Move outside and evaluate again for any openings that might provide air to move in and out. Always pay attention to areas where two types of building materials come together. Say for instance, a window meeting the house siding.

• Close up any air gaps with the use of caulking, weather shredding or mounting foam insulation. You can also install shaped foam inside electrical controls that will obstruct air movement.

• Don’t forget to examine the insulation in your attic. Your attic insulation should be over the living area. However, it should not extend all the way to the outer edges of your attic against your roof.

• Consider measuring the insulation in your attic. As advised, your attic should have at least R-30 insulation. If you have less, then, consider adding more to boost your home energy efficiency.
Aside from the above mentioned, don’t forget to look at the duct work on your forced air heating system. You also need to insulate your hot water pipes with foam insulation. This can help in keeping water in the pipes warm and reduces the need to heat extra water. Most importantly, you have to examine your light bulbs. Using smaller bulbs will always provide an energy efficient saving.

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